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How Great Ideas Come to Life

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Fruition: How Great Ideas Come to Life is the first book to uncover just what it takes to turn your great idea into a great thing. Unlike other books and frameworks which only present lists of techniques to try when selling your idea, Fruition gets to the bottom of what differentiaties successful great ideas—those that become a reality—from all those that did not. This end-to-end empirical analysis creates a simple, powerful framework that will dramatically improve the odds of bringing any great idea to fruition.

  • Discover how almost anyone can have good—even great—ideas by tapping into The 3 Senses Model of Ideation™.
  • Learn why most great ideas fail.
  • Uncover The Six Efforts System of Idea Fruition™ that all successful ideators take on, and understand why each is critical to your success.
  • For each of the six efforts you need to have to bring your idea to life, we share dozens of techniques and strategies.

Whatever your involvement in ideas and innovation—passionate “idea person”, leader of an Insights organization, a line worker who sees a better way, a Chief Innovation Officer, a member of a community group, or an employee looking for a seat at the table—this book is for you.

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Workshops & Seminars

Our new book Fruition: How Great Ideas Come to Life deals with some very universal themes of ideation, insights and innovation—topics that are particularly well-suited for engaging workshops and seminars. The content and proprietary frameworks featured in book have been adapted into agendas for seminars and workshops customized for specific audiences and available in sessions from 1 hour to 2 full days. We are ready to work with you and our network of subject matter experts to tailor a program to your needs and interests.

  • Innovation & Product Development Organizations
  • Brand Managers/Product Leaders/Software Owners
  • Senior Executives of Idea-Based Organizations
  • Human Resources
  • Insights Organizations
  • Creatives & Makers
  • Start-Ups
  • Community Organizations


Our new book Fruition: How Great Ideas Come to Life raises many key issues around how organizations handle ideation, insights, innovation and execution. Throughout the book, critical flaws in the typical status quo are identified, and often serve as the jumping-off point for what do differently. Significantly changing the odds of bringing great ideas to life requires not only the proprietary frameworks in the book, but also organization that are receptive—and ideally optimized—for the task.

The authors are available for consulting engagements related to our expertise, whether in conjunction with a seminar/workshop or independently. Whether you are looking to better innovation outcomes, drive more and/or better ideas in to your system, better structure your Insights organization for the challenge of second-hand experience, or create a formal ideation and idea execution program, structure, or organization...let's talk.

About the Authors

Chris Adrien

Chris is a life-long innovator with passion for both driving industry’s understanding of innovation success and putting that learning to work by creating products, frameworks, and econometric models to help other innovators. He began his career with BASES, the leading innovation consultancy and forecaster, where he headed a top-3 client team. Moving to Product Leadership, Chris led the conceptualization, design, development, commercialization, and support of virtually every key Nielsen BASES innovation during its heyday. This culminated in the Factors for Success system, which has been employed on an estimated $1.4 billion worth of innovation work since 2010. Chris drives success as the leader of diverse, agile, global teams and engaging senior industry leaders worldwide. He has traveled the world, working with leaders at most of the top-50 global consumer packaged goods companies on their innovation systems innovation and on many of their best and worst innovations. He is an experienced speaker.

Chris holds a BS from Miami University. He lives in Cincinnati with his partner Brian and their twin 10-year-old daughters. He enjoys cooking, photography/videography, entertaining, home renovation and, especially, being a dad.

John Lavelle

John has worked with top consumer goods companies to revolutionize how they innovate and bring their ideas to market. After starting his career in the social services sector, John spent over a decade working in various Innovation roles at Nielsen BASES, the leading innovation consultancy and forecaster. Much of that time was spent in Product Leadership, specializing in commercialization and bringing new research products to market. He has collaborated closely with industry leaders on various projects, including authoring and present-ing innovation research in online publications and at national trade shows. He also has extensive experience leading innovation consulting teams, delivering custom research, and creating econometric forecasts.

John holds a BA in English from Xavier University. He lives in Cincinnati with his wife, where he is an avid endurance runner, home cook, and amateur beer connoisseur.

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